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M3 Meme


I have decided to start a meme about my beloved M3. I want to encourage you all to reply to this post and describe in as much, or as little detail as you want, something that we as a community have done well. Some idea, concept, idea and/or piece of information that we as a group have done a really good job with.

Here, I'll start. We as a group have really described and characterised the expression of fringe ideas. Where we've explored the ideas through its several iterations, its ups and downs, false starts and malformed expressions - ultimately we as a group have succeeded in showing people who read our logs what its like to be on the fringe. To be marginalised. To be pushed to the outside of society, and to take ownership of those cultural deformities and turn it into a triumphant expression of culture and identity.

Mavericks, Irregulars, and more. There are a lot of other things we've done well. What do you think they are?

Feedback requested: ...Must Come To An End

Hello everyone!

Well, now that the TP's over and everyone has a chance to gather their wits after the harrowing finale that saw the death of General, the affirmation of Sigma as a Pretty Decent Guy (and that Tau fellow too, I guess) and a resolution that has set in motion a whole new turn of events, we'd like to know your thoughts on it.

Roughly half of the plot turned out to be emergent content that wasn't in the original outline. The Double creature (still at large), Doppler's death, Tau, Iron Giarex and Colonel's incarceration, and most importantly, whether or not Sigma turned out to be an antagonist or an ally, came from unpredicted events within the plot or were incorporated as we went along.

So with that in mind, what did you like? What didn't you like? What do you think could have been done better? What would you like to see more of in the future?
Captain Harlock

Be Kind To Your Villains

Hello guys, I would like to launch a public service announcement from your friendly neighbourhood Cemil. Hi guys, how is life treating you? I'm pretty well. Hope your days were great.

So guys, like I was saying in my title I would like to start a discussion on being kind to your villains. How do you think players could make life better for villains?

Here is my suggestion: Say when you're dealing with a big loud villain, for example I play Gate. I enjoy drawing aggro, so I'm quite happy to get punched. I like to make myself available for it in fact. However, here is the part where players could be kinder to these guys who go out of their way (not just myself, but everyone who does it) to make things happen so you can all be big damn heroes?

Try to avoid spending the entire scene essentially saying: You are dumb, and everything you do is worthless. Because of this you did not accomplish anything in this scene. Or any other scene EVER! It's not the most fun feeling in the world, and it feels like players don't value my contribution to the game.

What do you guys think?


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Guess what?



Oh shi-

I'm gathering images that have been linked or posted up of people's characters. Not all of these people have been turned into ponies (yet) but who can resist messing with that pony generator? Not me, that's for certain.

Here's who I've got so far:
Aino Neightola, Alloy, Bullet Man, Captain Commando, Cataclysm, Catastrophe, Chronoton Duck, Ciel, Cinnamon, Colonel, Dark Man, Diamond Destrier, Dr. Doppler, Dynamo, Gemini Man, Guts Man, Hanumashin, Hard Man, Hippopressor & Exploding Shark, Jailbird Gier-Eagle, Kyos, Luna, Marko Golby, Michael Eildath, Miranda Stoddard, Nathyrra Kelan, Orion Corth, Princess Pride, Prismatic Spider, Pugilation Man, Quint, Ryan Knight, Sakugarne, Scarface, Schwarzschild, Shield Shellfish, Siren, Stealth Fox and Victor Kobayashi.