Cemil Bilici (kainrocket) wrote in megamanmush,
Cemil Bilici

Be Kind To Your Villains

Hello guys, I would like to launch a public service announcement from your friendly neighbourhood Cemil. Hi guys, how is life treating you? I'm pretty well. Hope your days were great.

So guys, like I was saying in my title I would like to start a discussion on being kind to your villains. How do you think players could make life better for villains?

Here is my suggestion: Say when you're dealing with a big loud villain, for example I play Gate. I enjoy drawing aggro, so I'm quite happy to get punched. I like to make myself available for it in fact. However, here is the part where players could be kinder to these guys who go out of their way (not just myself, but everyone who does it) to make things happen so you can all be big damn heroes?

Try to avoid spending the entire scene essentially saying: You are dumb, and everything you do is worthless. Because of this you did not accomplish anything in this scene. Or any other scene EVER! It's not the most fun feeling in the world, and it feels like players don't value my contribution to the game.

What do you guys think?

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