Hey guys, I am not dead. School is taking forever and four days to open up the ports. I will be back as soon as I can, as I just heard it will probably not be until the middle of this week. I really do apologize for this.

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The Social Contract

The social contract, very broadly, is the idea that we all follow a certain set of normally unstated ground rules in our interactions with each other. We maintain these rules by what is usually the passive consent of everyone involved. The social contract is maintained by rational self-interest. The most basic tenet of most social contracts is the Golden Rule; do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

It's been a while since we had a real discussion about the kind of community we want M3 to be. This requires a willingness to raise things that "seem obvious" so that they can be brought out to the open. I'll start.

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User Created Content: Threat Or Menace?

This is a description of what a false dichotomy is. People who are unfamiliar with the idea may find this Wikipedia treatment helpful in understanding my remarks.

Quoted from a review that came in yesterday, some text redacted:

...At times it feels like the MUSH is now being driven by admin content rather than player content with all of these plots being run by admin controlled characters and that everything has to be OKed by staff which feels more like a personal playground than a place for the public. If a timeskip is done, I'd say do it to the point where characters have a reasonable way to travel from one place to another. If that means we fast forward 10-20 years into the future, fine. Anything to get things moving again and to have these year long plots come to an end.

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LEGIONS, or, I Can Haz Theory

During my insanely dull day job, while my mind was in its traditional escape to M3, I realized something.

The Fall of Interpol, SciTech's Collapse, and what happened with Gospel all contributed to what is going on right now with Legions.

The problem, as I see it, is that people somehow got the impression that ALL of these groups I have mentioned (this includes Legions) where going to be morally positioned somewhere between RF and the Hunters. To this day  I am still trying to figure out how exactly this would work.

RF was able to exist legally outside of the UN because they became official mercenaries that basically worked for what amounted to the whole of the UN anyway. This was stupid, and I pointed it out, and I like to think that this is part of why RF went back to the UN after Ragnarok.

The Hunters are able to operate outside of the UN's rules and regs because, quite frankly, nobody is really able to stop them from doing so. They have the firepower to make it stick.

Legions has neither of these, really. They are, by design, leashed to the UN. They don't have a bunch of guns to tell anyone to frag off, either. So Legions has to either toe the UN's line (which in this case is more difficult a line to toe than RF has since they are cops and not WWII-era soldiers) or simply cease to be. A functional middle ground simply does not exist, as such a thing would be made of popsicle sticks and held together by silly string.

Adding to this problem is my contention (and I call it that because I can't find anything that would indicate otherwise) that most players don't like to play a Lawful-Good alignment, even in an L-G faction.  To wit:  Midnight Epiphyllum, Safety, Zach Glen, and just about any Gatebot in the Repliforce (except for maybe Rain Turtle or so it seems.)   Bucking the establishment is Cool,and something to be emulated or appreciated, or at the very least allowed.  Most folks see L-G as boring or too constricting, and so L-G factions have a hard time of things.  RF, like most militaries, stands out as an exception because soldiers are generally excused certain excesses in the heat of battle, and even that is starting to become less and less so in an RL era of SEALS getting put on trial for giving terrorists bloody lips.(/political commentary)

All of these factors, added to a number of hammer blows and dwindling activity, are why Legions is getting rolled and folded.  My only complaint, really, is that for those of us who aren't a part of that particular subfaction (and that I mean me) is that this kinda came out of nowhere.  The Post-Epsilon Mavericks and the Striders at least got some kind of TP to let them know they had hit the Sink or Swim point.
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Current Events

I'm not afraid to admit that I'm having a bit of trouble keeping up with the current events of what's going on right now at M3. Is there any way we could get more updates about what the heck is up lately? I know this is difficult since staff are so busy to begin with let alone with all the updates. Maybe if we could hook up a few people who wouldn't mind being town criers and putting up LJ posts here?
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So hey

Is anyone going to this nerd concert thing?

I'm interested in going myself, but I know I wouldn't have as much fun going with complete strangers as I would going with a technical complete stranger that I nonetheless have at least a minor history with and can call a friend on the internets.

If you do think you'd wanna go, drop a line.